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          Hubei Kaiyi Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Co,Ltd is a modern enterprise specializing in the design、manufacturing、mounting and technology consulting for the first and second pressure vessels、tray internals and packing. With the products developing and designing being based on the found management system, strong technical force and updated producing equipments, the company has established a comprehensive quality assurance system spanning from manufacturing, inspecting, after-sale service to quality feedback and has passed the ISO9001-2000 certification. The products are widely used in areas of petrol、chemistry、medical、metallurgy、coking、light industry、pesticide、food and so on both domestically and internationally and gained much credit from our customers.
          The company is located in the Miaoshan Medical Industry Park of East Lake Development District of Wuhan, covering an area of 33,930 square meters with the workshop being of 14,230 square meters.. ..

      → channel distributor
      Introduction:Distributor in recent years developed a new type of liquid distributor ..
      → saturator
      Introduction:sulfate ammonia Saturation (patent); horizontal pipe cooler; gas preheater oven brace; mechanization ammonia settler.
      → absorption tower
      Introduction:Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and wait for the industry in the production process t..
      → raise gas pipe wire mesh demister

      Introduction:wire mesh demisterUsed to separate entrained liquid droplets of gas tower to ensure the mass transfer efficiency and reduce the loss of

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      備案號:鄂ICP備 19002472號
        地址: 武漢市江夏區廟山開發區醫藥產業園二期

      電話:027-81319022 傳真:027-81829066 郵箱:hbkysh@126.com

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